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Things you can do to advertise your Photo Booth business.

By April 20, 2019 No Comments

We’re going to discuss what things you can do to advertise your Photo Booth business.

Hi Everyone.
Explain what comes with every package.

The Photo Booth and you know how many pictures or prints you’re going to offer.   

You should also have a breakdown of the top five extra features.

So if you’re still kind of sorting this out  ask yourself what I can offer? What is my base package? Pick a base package for the Photo Booth that offers two strips and if you would like people to pay extra for other copies that’s up to you.

But as far as all the features of the Photo Booth if you’re not sure what you want to include especially for starting it will be hard to gauge what people in your area are interested in.

I know a lot of booth owners who have never done a green screen event, and they bought the equipment to do it.

they know how to do it, and they tried pushing it, but nobody was interested nobody cared.

They couldn’t sell it to save their lives, and this is kind of how it goes.

In some areas, people, in general, are not interested in certain aspects of the booth so if you’re not sure what’s to be a selling point than take the top five things that your kiosk can do that you’re interested in providing.

Put them on there as well, and in the conversations, it will come up, and within a few months, you can be able to start figuring it all out.

If nobody has asked about a particular item which was number one on your list bump it down or take it off and replace with something else.

or you may get a lot of people who want this item all of the time now.

So it might be something to charge extra for something that you want to include as a selling point.

All this will unfold and make itself known to you if you pay attention and you do these basic things.

Okay now

Top three things you need.

You need a banner with a few sentences that explain exactly what you’re bringing to the table.

You need a contact method.

3ed you need a  make your reservation payment now or at the very least give me all your information and some contact methods so that I can get back with you.

The next big question where do I go to make a website

There are so many places out there 

WordPress website is my favorite, and it’s practically automated, so you don’t need to know how to code in HTML.

You can pick a general theme and template, and you fill in the blanks.

And there’s a lot of good tutorials out there that will teach you how to use WordPress.

Next blog post we will talk about packages and other things to make your Photo Booth and company a great experience.

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