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Hopp Productions
1033 Mound Street
Alameda, California 94501
Phone: (510) 912-8446

The Photo Booth runs automatically.
Photo Booth attendant will arrive to drop off the booth at a predetermined time. Start from scheduled time and return at end of scheduled time provided on information form to pick up the booth.

Photo Booth Automatically prints out Two 2 x 6 strips for each session.
On a rare occurrence during the event the printer may stop or not be printing or functioning correctly. In this scenario guests will continue taking photos and when the session is completed, The guest will have the option to enter their email in to the booth to receive a digital copy. We will not offer any refund due to computer or printer malfunction.

The Photo Booth attendant has control remotely over the Internet from any location to identify and try to resolve any technical difficulties.
In the instance that our 4G LTE Internet Hot-Spot has no reception or the event venue has little or no connectivity and we cannot access the photo booth remotely, Hopp Productions is not libel for reimbursement due to no Internet connectivity.
The Photo Booth attendant needs internet in order to connect to the booth remotely. Client will be responsible for providing Strong Internet so that the photos can be sent and or Technical difficulties can be resolved immediately.

If outdoor, Opened Air Photo booth absolutely must be covered and protected from the sun or rain in all outdoor elements.
If inflatable LED enclosed booth is outside for the event there will be a $100 clean up fee.
Note: Longer distances over 50 miles from Alameda will be a small up charge of $100…ask when you book.
If parking requires payment from Photo booth attendant, client will be responsible for reimbursement by PayPal or credit card or by paying cash for parking the day of the event.

Finished Digital copies of event delivered to client by mail or email no longer then 1-30 days of the event.

Failure to perform
If Hopp Productions or any of the Photo Booth attendants do not show up for event do to any unfortunate and unknown circumstances.
Client will get a full refund.