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How to build a website and self-promotion.

By April 20, 2019 No Comments

Let’s talk a little bit more about websites and self-promotion.

Hi Everyone

Are you building your website?

If you take it on yourself, it might take a little longer, and you may get frustrated because this is not the kind of thing most people get into.

There is a lot of frustrating things when dealing with business, and this is one of them.

So if you’re getting set up for the first time, you especially need to get hold of your emotions and frustrations and go with the flow.

Yes, it’s complicated and confusing, but if you do it yourself, your mindset is key to being successful when dealing with all types of businesses not just Photo Booths.

It’s never been easier to start taking control of your website and making changes and updating when needed.

It takes little training to go in and change your price from a $445 two $545

Moreover, what you think is appropriate to what your clients are willing to spend.

Please don’t leave anything up longer than it needs to be.

If you’ have been running a special fourth of July with fantastic pictures on the website, and if another holiday is rolling around and are still advertising fourth of July and you’re on the wrong holiday that doesn’t look too appealing to customers.

Check your website often even if you haven’t made changes or don’t plan to make changes keep checking it.

Now let’s talk a little bit about promotion.

How can you reach more people?

In those first few sentences of what you exactly offer that makes you different from everyone else.

Web crawlers google robots go out and see who’s out there,

moreover, find keywords,

furthermore, these keywords in the first portion of the website are going to get indexed in the search engines.

Moreover, when people are searching on things like your keywords the better the chances that you are going to come up to the top. Organic search is whatever google picks up from your website.

Everyone’s heard about Google ad words.

It would be best if you advertised your business so that when people do searches, you have a better chance of showing up.

It can cost much money.

The more you spend, the better you will do.

So go to Google ad words and take a look at what they do and what they have to offer you can set your campaign. You can set daily cost limits.

so if I can spend 50 bucks this month I’m going to put a limit at 50 and add wards will work that out, so you show up as often as many times as a $450 will allow in those circumstances and they don’t have to worry about opening up an email saying all right for this month it’s $2,500

That’s just one more method to get your advertising out there.

Now about social media.

So if you don’t have a twitter account,

Get one  under the name of your photo booth business

Now tweets tweet and send your photos from events.

It’s pretty simple when dealing with Twitter

The old saying it takes money to make money is right.

The bottom line is, It your business you invested a lot of time and money in this equipment, so it’s all on you.

However, that’s what business all about.

Our next blog we will be discussing in more detail promotion and marketing your Photo Booth company.

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